Friday, 2 November 2012

The Investment Canada process is broken

I am writing you because you have expressed concern about the $15.1 billion bid 
by Chinese State Owned oil company CNOOC to purchase Calgary-based Nexen. I urge 
you to take action to stop this acquisition.

New Democrats share your concerns about CNOOC's environmental record and human 
rights record. This takeover does not make a long term commitment to Canadian 
value added jobs or heed national security concerns. Further, CNOOC does not 
operate at arm's length from the Chinese government.

For all of those reasons we have said NO to the CNOOC takeover bid. 

The Investment Canada process is broken. Time after time, successive federal 
governments have rubber stamped takeovers of key industrial resources by foreign 
companies - without public consultations and explanations of net benefits for 

We also know that these foreign corporations are not held accountable when they 
break their commitments to Canada. The takeover of Stelco by US Steel, Inco by 
Vale and Alcan by Rio Tinto are all examples whereby the take-over company broke 
the agreed upon conditions and showed complete disregard for the Investment 
Canada process.

This process must be fixed. We can't afford to allow major acquisitions that 
radically reshape our energy sector. This is an extremely important issue and we 
need your help to send a strong message to the Conservatives.

On Tuesday November 6, the NDP will introduce a motion at the Standing Committee 
on Natural Resources calling on the government to reject the proposed takeover 
of Nexen by CNOOC. It also asks that the Committee be given the mandate to 
conduct public hearings on how these takeovers affect our oil and gas industry 
and national interests. Please see the full text of our motion below.


Write to Minister of Natural Resources Joe Oliver and the Conservative MPs on 
the Standing Committee on Natural Resources and urge them to support the NDP 

Minister Joe Oliver 
Leon Benoit
Mike Allen
Royal Galipeau
David Anderson
Blaine Calkins
Ryan Leff 
Brad Trost

Thank you for your support in helping to protect the interests of Canadians in 
this matter.


Thomas Mulcair, M.P. (Outremont)
Leader of the Official Opposition 
New Democratic Party of Canada

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Notice of motion
Peter Julian, M.P.

That the Standing Committee on Natural Resources recommend that the government 
reject the proposed takeover of NEXEN by CNOOC; that the Committee conduct 
hearings on foreign takeovers of Canadian Oil and Gas companies to assess the 
impact on Canada's production, transportation and exportation of Oil and Gas 
resources, on domestic added value and employment, on national security, and on 
Canada's ability to chart a sustainable and independent energy policy; and that 
the Committee report back to the House.