Thursday, 13 June 2013

Send a FREE ABC Father's Day E-Card

Send a FREE Father's Day E-Card Feverfew Father's Day2Father's Day is almost here and ABC has the perfect way to celebrate — a free, beautiful, and (most importantly) thoughtful Father's Day e-card. The perfect way to say "thanks" for putting up with all the headaches you may have caused, ABC's Father's Day e-card features Feverfew — an herb that has been shown to help protect against migraines. ABC also has many other free Holiday, Birthday, and Health Awareness cards available for you to send your friends and family any time of year. Each E-Card features stunning photography from Steven Foster and science-based information on the herb and how it is used. Sending an ABC E-Card is easy and free. You just need to be an ABC member (helping support ABC's nonprofit mission) or a registered user of ABC's website (free). Note: If you are the original recipient of this message, you already are either an ABC member or registered user. You can peruse the entire library of beautiful, free ABC E-Cards here. We add new cards regularly. Cordially, The Staff of the American Botanical Council