Friday, 18 October 2013

ABC free screening Numen: The Nature of Plants

The American Botanical Council has partnered with the producers of the new edition of the documentary  to bring you a free online screening of the film for ten days, from October 20–30th. We encourage you to find out more about the screening of this inspirational and educational film on their site and to tell your friends about this incredible opportunity! Watch the trailer here.

Numen is the first feature-length documentary to celebrate the healing power of plants. The film features stunning footage of medicinal plants and thought-provoking interviews with Tieraona Low Dog, MD, Larry Dossey, MD, the late Bill Mitchell, ND, author Kenny Ausubel, herbalists Rosemary Gladstar, Phyllis Light, and many others and calls for a re-awakening of traditional knowledge about plants and their uses.

The producers hope that Numen will spark new conversations and debates about health and wellness and inspire real, tangible actions to build a grassroots, ecologically sustainable healthcare movement. To help sow the seeds of this movement, they are making the film available for free online for a limited time. To encourage you to share the film with others, they will also be offering a 10% discount on all screening licenses during this period and reduced domestic shipping rates.

We owe it to our children and grandchildren to do everything we can to make the world more sustainable, including making better choices about the medicines we consume. Numen encourages viewers to think deeply about the sources of their medicine and how those choices affect themselves and the larger web of life. The film presents a sobering view of conventional healthcare and the dangers of environmental toxins, as well as a vision of safe, effective, and sustainable medicine. It offers stories about how individuals have improved their own health and well-being and provides concrete steps for viewers to do so as well. Most broadly, the film inspires us all to deepen our relationship with the natural world and reminds us of the healing made possible by re-embracing our place in the wider web of life.

We hope you’ll join in this screening. Find out the details for watching the film online for free here. And please tell your friends—and anyone else who might be interested.


The American Botanical Council