Wednesday, 6 August 2014

new computer shopping

Well after the washing machine won again, and finished washing my clothes before I got get into my email, my host and I tried to buy the lowest cost Dell desktop for a good price from their online store. I had searched for days for the best deal because the computer was slow, so it took awhile. We had almost finished the process when they said it would take 3 weeks for delivery. We had asked that question originally but apparently they told us 3 - 7 business days from their warehouse, and that warehouse cannot be in North America, I think.
So we cancelled that and went to Future Shop again, to buy a computer instead of Win 7 which they did not have the first time we went there. We bought the smaller of the lowest cost desktops, an Acer.  I was already underwhelmed that besides the innovation of a small desktop it was not that much different from the desktop everyone told us not to upgrade, except that it detected wireless right away. It has 4 GB RAM versus 447 MB and 1 TB harddrive versus 74 GB. The 74.5 GB was the reason I thought the slow computer could be upgraded.
When I started to move the old programs onto the new computer, the computer shopping experience got even worse. It did not occur to me to check what programs were installed until I had to reset Firefox twice. Then I downloaded Antimalware Bytes and Avast, one of which reset Internet Exlorer to get rid of V9 malware and woke up the installed McAfee which had prevented none of these attacks. If the old computer had to deal with a constant barrage of malware, no wonder it was slow. It took another hour to get rid of Wild Tangent Games, Blasteroids and Easy Deals. By that time I remembered reading that some new computers were coming with malware installed, and |I wondered if we had bought one of them.  If the malware came from the Internet then the provider is not even doing the minimum to protect what they provide.