Wednesday, 8 August 2012


I want to conduct research on medicinal plants used for reproduction; including plant remedies that could potentially be used by patients with unexplained infertility or with fertility treatments.
I also want to trace the contributions of First Nations and American tribal knowledge to medicinal plant knowledge both in colonial medicine and in ethnoveterinary medicine.

What ! Need & What You Get

I have many papers, 11 of them on PubMed, 6 of which are open access and none of which were funded. The research funded ended when the data was collected. I need to pay for the research write up time and find funds for future research.
I can give you art collages, do slideshare presentations on a topic of your choice or put you in the acknowledgement section of my publications.
All funding obtained will be used for past and future research even if I don't raise all that I need.

The Impact

Two of my research participants have become co-authors on my published papers. All of the research participants in my British Columbia research got a manual of animal health remedies.
My papers are in the top 10 most downloaded category on more than one journal and have been in the top 25 hottest on Science Direct. They have many citations. Other people do the same kind of research but they do not validate it scientifically the way that I do. My validation process means that people can judge how useful the medicinal plants are even if they are never tested in clinical trials. If companies can't make a profit from the plants they don't test them in clinical trials because of the costs involved.
My research is usually participatory and people benefit at once and from the publications which are usually open access.