Monday, 8 September 2014

Nature Plants new journal

Nature Plants will cover a broad range of basic and applied research. It will provide a high profile platform for the very best research into all aspects of plants and their interactions with the wider world. By adopting a substantially cross-disciplinary approach it will be an essential resource for researchers interested in better understanding the plant kingdom whether their primary focus is on genetics, development, disease resistance, metabolism, agronomy, economics or any other of the myriad facets of this topic.
Nature Plants will also have a keen interest in translational research that helps create a path to a sustainable future by addressing today’s most pressing global challenges: food security, water and land use efficiency, energy sufficiency and climate change.
In addition to research, the journal will publish Review Articles, Commentaries, Features, Perspectives, and News & Views pieces placing the very latest advances in our knowledge of plants in context for those both within and beyond the plant research community. Nature Plants will not be satisfied to merely present reports of cutting-edge plant research, it is part of its mission to also explore the societal and political impacts of that research.