Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Save the 8 UBC Bosque trees

We the undersigned do not support the chopping down of the eight mature 60-foot pin oaks in the UBC Bosque for the placement of the new Arts Student Centre building, for the following reasons:
  1. The original approved location for the Arts Student Centre is already clear
  2. UBC Campus Planning says the other suggested location, between Music and the Wood Theatre "did not meet Arts Undergraduate Society criteria to be close to the main hub of the Faculty of Arts." A glance at a campus map makes this a puzzle.
  3. There are at least three surface-level parking lots in the same area that could be used for the Arts Student Centre instead of chopping down eight mature 60-foot trees.
  4. Everything proposed in the "revitalization" of the bosque can happen without chopping down eight mature trees or is already happening. 
  5. The arborist's report on the trees shows that some of these trees are currently used for nesting
We do not oppose the creation of a new building for the Arts Student Centre, but we do oppose the alteration of the bosque and chopping down of trees to build a structure that could be placed elsewhere. 
We call on UBC President Santa Ono and the UBC Board of Governors to intervene in this development process and stop the destruction of these trees.