Friday, 14 September 2012

Another Friday cat blog. The upstairs cat has shall we say a somewhat reprehensible relationship with the hummingbirds that visit the yard. There were a few mortalities a few summers ago, but the spray gun seems to have worked after several months. Or maybe I tied up the hanging plants earlier this season so there was no lurking place. It was hotter this summer also, with more construction noise in the neighbourhood. The birds always hover close to him even if I am there. I am not sure what they are saying. But this week we can imagine a conversation: Hummy -Hey silly furface I see that I can hover close by and upbraid you for the death of my compadres. Tabby- Lucky for you bird brain that you remain out of reach or you might join the deceased. Hummy- Out of reach, ha, you have tied your leash around the bush and you cannot move furface. Tabby- That human will come and untie me like always so watch out longbeak.