Friday, 7 September 2012

I’ll do my own Friday cat blog today. The feline from upstairs has grown so accustomed to his leash that he will poop and eat with it on. If the bribe is salmon dinner the response is leash, what leash? He is a spoilt not so little guy in any case and does not mind company especially since his determined and thinner potential brawling partners are always lurking about. One of those long-haired felines actually recognizes me in the lane and will cross over to where I am as some kind of message even when I am alone. The upstairs cat likes to eat pansies (Viola tricolor subsp. hortensis). He also picks caterpillars out of the lawn which I think are winter moth caterpillars (Operophtera brumata). He apparently only eats the moving ones because today he ignored a non-moving one that might have been going into pupation.