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Recent Progress in Medicinal Plants Vol. 36: Essential Oils

Recent Progress in Medicinal Plants Vol. 36: Essential Oils
Author: J. N. Govil and Sanjib Bhattacharya
Price: US$: 110
ISBN: 1-933699-96-5
Pages: 442
Year: 2013
Publisher: Studium Press LLC
Readership: Agriculture, Botany, Medicines, Professional of Interdisciplinary Health Sciences, Food Technology, Pharmacuetical Sciences, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology, Therapeutics, Traditional Medicine, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Aromatharapy, Herbalism, Medical and Public Health Sciences, Healthcare Professionals of other Various Disciplines

Book Contents:
About the Series; Foreword to the Series; Foreword to the Volume; Preface; Characterization and Biological Activities of Essential Oils; Essential Oils in Therapeutics; Essential Oil Use in Ethnoveterinary Medicine in British Columbia, Canada; Neuropharmacology of Essential Oils; The Role of Plant Essential Oil Terpenes in Renal Disorders; Hydrosols and Water-Soluble Oils: Medicinal and Biological Properties; Lavender Oil: Composition and Pharmacological Actions; Sandalwood Oils: Phytochemical and Pharmacological Updates; Lemon and Lime Essential Oils: Biological Effects and Medicinal Uses; Biological Activities and Medicinal Uses of the Essential Oil and Extracts of Lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus, C. Citratus, C. Pendulus and C. Species); Rosa damascena Mill: Chemical Composition and Biological Activities; Garlic Essential Oil: Biological Activities and Further Potential; Clove Oil: Biological Activities and Usage; Biological Effects of Common Sage (Salvia officinalis L.) Essential Oil; A Systematic Review on Biological Properties of Citronella Java Essential Oil; Aniseed Oil: Chemical Composition and Biological Activities; Phytochemical and Biological Potential of Chloroxylon swietenia DC; Essential Oil of Catnip, Nepeta cataria, as a Repellent, an Ovipoition Deterrent and a Larvicide against Mosquitoes; Subject Index
About The Book:
The objective of the volume 36 of Recent Progress in Medicinal Plants is to bring together the scientific material relating to essential oils of contemporary pharmaceutical importance. Essential oils are important not only as perfuming and flavouring agent, but also in terms of their putative medicinal or pharmacological properties. This volume aims to describe those important essential oils in a comprehensive and organized manner. Its contributors are from 14 countries namely Brazil, Canada, China, India, Iran, Iraq, Mexico, Nigeria, Romania, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Turkey, United Kingdom and USA. This volume is divided into 18 chapters. The first chapter deals with the characterization and biological activities of essential oils. The second chapter embraces the medicinal applications of essential oils in contemporary therapeutics to treat specific disease conditions of human beings. The third chapter describes the essential oil use in ethnoveterinary medicine in British Columbia, Canada. The neuropharmacology of essential oils is explained in the fourth chapter. The fifth chapter deals with the role of essential oil constituents in renal diseases. The medicinal and biological properties of hydrosols and water soluble essential oils are explicated in the sixth chapter. The next chapters individually elaborate the biological and therapeutic properties of 13 important essential oils. The facts and findings presented in the present volume would serve as basic as well as applied scientific material for further work in developing newer and effective therapeutic agents, flavouring agents, cosmetics and insecticides from essential oils. This special volume is designed for professionals of interdisciplinary health sciences, food technology, pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacognosy, pharmacology, agriculture, botany, medicine, therapeutics, traditional medicine, complementary and alternative medicine, aromatherapy, herbalism, medical and public health sciences, healthcare professionals of other various disciplines, policy-makers and marketing and economic strategists. It is addressed to undergraduates, post-graduates, teachers and res