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19. African Plants with Potential for Development into Ethnoveterinary Products

  1. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim
  1. L.J. McGaw and
  2. J.N. Eloff
Published Online: 4 APR 2014
DOI: 10.1002/9781118460566.ch19
Novel Plant Bioresources: Applications in Food, Medicine and Cosmetics

Novel Plant Bioresources: Applications in Food, Medicine and Cosmetics

  • ethnoveterinary plants;
  • animal health;
  • African traditional medicine;
  • commercialization


Ethnoveterinary medicine forms an integral part of the cultural heritage associated with traditional medicine in Africa, where plants and natural products treat ailments both in animals and humans. Plants are a rich source of novel biologically active phytochemicals. Africa is blessed with an abundance of plant species, many of which are used in ethnoveterinary medicine across the continent, particularly to control parasitic diseases in livestock. The evaluation of efficacy and safety of many of these remedies remains to be done. Those proven to be effective with low toxicity may find application in commercial preparations, but this is a long and complicated process. Standardization of the active and nontoxic extracts using low technology may be of value in promoting animal health in rural areas. This chapter gives an overview of ethnoveterinary medicine in Africa and examples of African plants with potential for development are given.