Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Call for submissions: Indigenous Feminist Politics in Settler Contexts

How do Indigenous/Native/Aboriginal feminisms navigate the contemporary political terrain in settler colonial contexts? How does attention to the concerns of Indigenous people change or reshape dominant progressive and/or liberal conceptual and activist concerns? For instance, can Indigenous understandings of land, the sacred, and kinship offer new insights and strategies for addressing xenophobia, climate change, and racism? Do they pose challenges and dilemmas? As is typical of our journal, we invite scholarly essays based on original research as well as review essays on clusters of new works, art essays, fiction, poetry, pedagogical reflections, and political commentary. We especially welcome content grounded in place, people, and time. Deadline: November 30, 2017. How to Submit: For your submission to be complete, please send all of the following: One double-spaced hard copy mailed to Feminist Studies, 0103 Taliaferro Hall, 4280 Chapel Lane, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742. (In order to protect anonymity, the author's name should appear only a separate title page and not on the manuscript itself.) This requirement is waived if you are submitting from a country outside of North America. An electronic copy to (Please send the electronic file as a Word or WordPerfect document, not as a PDF). A 200-word (or fewer) abstract A cover note with mailing and email addresses. Feminist Studies | T: 301-405-7415 | F: 301-405-8395 |