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Potential of Bryophyllum pinnatum as a Detrusor Relaxant: An in Vitro Exploratory Study(Article)

Planta MedicaVolume 83, Issue 16, 1 November 2017, Pages 1274-1280 Bachmann, S.a, Betschart, C.b, Gerber, J.c, Fürer, K.a, Mennet, M.d, Hamburger, M.c, Potterat, O.c, Von Mandach, U.a, Simões-Wüst, A.P.aEmail Author View Correspondence (jump link) aDepartment of Obstetrics, University Hospital of Zurich, Schmelzbergstrasse 12/PF 125, Path G 51a, Zurich, Switzerland bDepartment of Gynaecology, University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland cDivision of Pharmaceutical Biology, University of Basel, Switzerland View additional affiliations Abstract View references (25) An earlier prospective, randomised, placebo-controlled clinical trial had suggested that Bryophyllum pinnatum might have potential in the treatment of overactive bladder. Here we investigated the effects of B. pinnatum leaf press juice, fractions enriched in flavonoids and bufadienolides, and a flavonoid aglycon mixture and individual aglycons on detrusor contractility as a major target in overactive bladder treatment. The strength of the detrusor contractions was investigated using porcine muscle strips stimulated with KCl. B. pinnatum leaf press juice increased the contraction force of muscle strips. Treatment with the flavonoid-enriched fraction had almost no effect on contractility, while the bufadienolide-enriched fraction and flavonoid aglycons led to a concentration-dependent lowering of the contraction force. The data indicate that several components of B. pinnatum leaf press juice may contribute to the inhibitory effect on detrusor contractility, which in turn provides support to overactive bladder treatment with B. pinnatum. © Georg Thieme Verlag KG Stuttgart.New York. Author keywords Bryophyllum pinnatumbufadienolidesCrassulaceaeflavonoid aglyconsflavonoidsKalanchoe pinnataoveractive bladder Indexed keywords EMTREE drug terms: aglyconebufadienolideflavonoidpotassium chloridespasmolytic agentbufadienolidebufadienolide derivativeflavonoidplant extract EMTREE medical terms: animal tissueArticleBryophyllum pinnatumconcentration responsecontrolled studydetrusor muscledrug effectdrug targetingexploratory researchin vitro studymedicinal plantmuscle contractionmuscle strengthnonhumanoveractive bladderpigplant leafanimalchemistrydrug effectsfemaleKalanchoemalemuscle relaxationoveractive bladder MeSH: AnimalsBufanolidesFemaleFlavonoidsIn Vitro TechniquesKalanchoeMaleMuscle RelaxationPlant ExtractsSwineUrinary Bladder, Overactive Chemicals and CAS Registry Numbers: bufadienolide, 29565-35-3; potassium chloride, 7447-40-7; bufadienolide; Bufanolides; Flavonoids; Plant Extracts Manufacturers: Drug manufacturer: Sigma Aldrich ISSN: 00320943 CODEN: PLMEA Source Type: Journal Original language: English DOI: 10.1055/s-0043-109097 PubMed ID: 28437806 Document Type: Article Publisher: Georg Thieme Verlag References (25) View in search results format All 1 Haylen, B.T., De Ridder, D., Freeman, R.M., Swift, S.E., Berghmans, B., Lee, J., Monga, A., (...), Schaer, G.N. 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