Sunday, 31 December 2017

2017 - the year of my age

2017 was not a bad year for me, I have had much worse years. But I think it would all have been about my personal life/age if it was not for Editor-in-Chief: Barney Warf accepting my paper on the Cocoa Panyols of Trinidad over the objections of the reviewers. I have blogged about my Cocoa Panyols paper before. Editor in Chief Warf found one or more of the same reviewers who rejected it from the Journal of Ethnopharmacology special issue on the Centre of the Americas, but he accepted my point of view that they were self-serving. Maybe my "academic age" helped me publish the paper without making any changes to please self-serving reviewers. Maybe the paper was about Geography all along. I should thank my secondary school Geography teacher for telling me to stop talking in his class because I needed a 3rd subject (Geography) for A levels since I was not going to pass Physics. I have to thank WUR MSc student Madeline Donald for unintentionally pushing me to publish the paper which I had decided to let sit until I could do more research on whether slaves could have possibly carried plants from Africa to the Americas. Madeline contacted me in July and arranged to visit me (a very enjoyable visit) because she was going to study "the useful plants being grown within the biodiverse “shade” of the Trinidadian cocoa plantations". I became suspicious at once and instead of being able to go back to the personal life I had no time for because I was submitting yet another grant application (, I had to find a non-ethnobotany journal to submit my paper to, because I wanted my paper to be published before she finished her thesis. I also have to thank Rogério Miguel Puga, Professor Auxiliar at NOVA/FCSH for reading or having someone read part of my Harry Potter paper at the Harry Potter 20. International One-Day Conference in Portugal on Oct 20. Unfortunately the Editor of History & Theory, did not accept the longer version of the Harry Potter paper, after providing a more of less polite review, except for the non-apology for taking from April to December to review it and commenting that I did not know anything about the Philosophy of History. So I guess my readings on the subject were not apparent or maybe I am just an outsider. Of course all of my work would have been much harder if it were not for James K., acknowledging my temporary attachment to his workplace and providing (hopefully for keeps) my access to Microsoft Office... href="" imageanchor="1" >