Friday, 31 August 2018

A study on diversity of medicinal plant usage by folk medicinal practitioners in different villages of Dhunat Upazila, Bogra district, Bangladesh

January 2017 Md Ronzu AhmmedSaleh AhmedAntora KarShow all 12 authorsShoaib Mahmud Mahmud Recommend Download Abstract Medicinal plants are invaluable natural resources of Bangladesh. Several studies were conducted in different region of Bangladesh about the medicinal plants and its benefit. In this study, data were collected from the 24 different kavirajes of Dhunat Upazila of Bogra district in the division of Rajshahi about the traditional medicinal plant which they used in the treatment of many ailments. Practitioners of this region use more-than 74 plants for their traditional medicinal practice that are distributed into 51 families. The objective of our present study was to show the importance of medicinal plants, there uses and the importance of documentation of the information as well as to help the regional people to get knowledge about these types of plants which are available in their surroundings nature for using these as primary treatment. Among these 74 plants, 14 plants were used for treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, 21 plants were used for male and female sexual problems; 11 were used in asthma and skin diseases. Beside these, 7 plants were used to cure kidney diseases, 5 plants were used to overcome mental depression, 4 plants were used for hypertension and diabetes and three plants were used for ailment of heart disease. Additionally, these plants were used to treat many other diseases. For the country like Bangladesh medicinal plants is a vital asset and has significant role in people health care system. So the awareness towards the conventional use of medicinal plants needs to be increased among the local people. Proper and developed cultivation process must be needed for improving and maintaining the quality and growth of these indigenous medicinal plants. Additionally, proper research should be conducted for using these medicinal plants in new drug design and many other pharmaceutical benefits