Monday, 24 December 2018

‘I might be a bit of a front runner’: An analysis of men's uptake of flexible work arrangements and masculine identity

Ashlee Borgkvist Vivienne Moore Jaklin Eliott Shona Crabb First published: 26 March 2018 Cited by: 1 Read the full text Abstract In most western countries, men's use of flexible work arrangements (FWA) is low. Intersections of gender and organizational culture are likely to contribute to this circumstance but have received little attention. This research aims to investigate men's experiences of FWA use and non‐use to understand contextual factors influencing men's decisions and how men construct their identities in relation to work, parenting and FWA. Based on semi‐structured interviews with 15 men, discourse analysis identified that workplace culture and the ideal worker norm strongly influence men's decision making regarding FWA use, and feature in identity construction. Most men adhered to traditional constructions of masculinity in their talk, even when utilizing FWA which was constructed as an individual choice and a privilege. Some men constructed themselves as ‘ground‐breakers’ but still used traditionally masculine attributes to achieve this. Overall, the results highlighted a need to encourage societal and organizational support for men's FWA use.