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Ethnopharmacology in the work of the British botanist Arthur Francis George Kerr (1877 - 1942)(

Pharmazie Volume 72, Issue 1, 2017, Pages 58-64 Helmstädter, A.Email Author View Correspondence (jump link) Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Department Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Pharmacy, Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, Germany Abstract  View references (90) Reports on traditional use of medicinal plants may be used as starting points for phytochemical and pharmacological research. As has recently been shown, publications, letters, diaries and reports of exploring botanists are a valuable source of historical ethnopharmacological information. In this study, the heritage of the British botanist Arthur Francis George Kerr (1877-1942), mainly working in Thailand, was screened for information about traditionally used medicinal plants. Information given was compared to state-of-the-art scientific knowledge about these species. Many historical uses could be confirmed, some did not, while a number of species reported to be traditionally used have not been sufficiently investigated so far. These, strongly suggested for further research, include Kurrimia robusta, Alpinia siamensis, Amomum krervanh (A. testaceum), Trichosanthes integrifolia (= Gymnopetalum scabrum), Croton cumingii (= C. cascarilloides), Lobelia radicans (= L. chinensis), Willughbeia sp., Nyctanthes arbor-tristis, Pluchea indica, Heliotropum indicum, as well as some fungi and woods. © 2017, Govi-Verlag Pharmazeutischer Verlag GmbH. All rights reserved. Indexed keywords EMTREE medical terms: AglaiaAlpiniaAmomumArticlebiodiversitybotanyCrotonDracaenaethnopharmacologyfungushumaninheritanceLobeliamedicinal plantnonhumanThailandTrichosanthestropical medicine ISSN: 00317144 CODEN: PHARA Source Type: Journal Original language: English DOI: 10.1691/ph.2017.6817 Document Type: Article Publisher: Govi-Verlag Pharmazeutischer Verlag GmbH References (90) View in search results format ▻ All Export  Print  E-mail Save to PDF Create bibliography View all 90 references 1 Abd Kadir, S.L., Yaakob, H., Mohamed Zulkifli, R. Potential anti-dengue medicinal plants: A review (2013) Journal of Natural Medicines, 67 (4), pp. 677-689. Cited 35 times. doi: 10.1007/s11418-013-0767-y View at Publisher 2 Hedyotis auricularia: A new remedy against colitis (1929) Can Med Assoc J, 21, p. 591. ADB 3 Adelaja, A.A., Ayoola, M.D., Otulana, J.O., Akinola, O.B., Olayiwola, A., Ejiwunmi, A.B. 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