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Treating epilepsy in Italy between XIX and XX century

Journal of Ethnopharmacology Volume 145, Issue 2, 30 January 2013, Pages 608-613 Treating epilepsy in Italy between XIX and XX century(Article) Tagarelli, G.Email Author, Tagarelli, A., Liguori, M., Piro, A. View Correspondence (jump link) Istituto di Scienze Neurologiche-CNR, ISN-CNR, C.da Burga, 87050 Mangone (CS), Italy Abstract View references (59) Epilepsy is a neurological disorder which has been recognized since antiquity. This paper evaluates the prophylactic and therapeutic remedies used by folk medicine to cure epilepsy in Italy. The data has been collected by reviewing written sources of physicians, ethnographers, folklorists between the late nineteenth and mid twentieth century. This approach leads to unearthing of 78 heterogeneous healing methods that have been divided into 16 (20%) magical, 20 (26%) religious and 42 (54%) natural remedies. The latter has been subdivided into 18 (43%) animal remedies, 17 (40%) plant remedies and 7 (17%) other remedies. Religious and magical remedies were used with the conviction that they would be able to provide recovery from epilepsy and to ward off evil spirits which had taken possession of the sick. Interestingly, the herbal remedies highlighted 12 (70%) plants that play or might play an important role with respect to the mechanisms that generate the epileptic seizures. This leads us to reconsider the historical significance of folk medicine, too often it is underestimated owing to its use of ineffective remedies, born of incompetence and superstition. © 2012 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. Author keywords Epilepsy Ethnopharmacology Folk medicine Herbals History of medicine Indexed keywords EMTREE drug terms: anticonvulsive agentGentiana lutea extractHypericum perforatum extractMatricaria chamomilla extractMelissa officinalis extractPaeonia extractPapaver somniferum extractplant extractRosmarinus officinalis extractRuta extractTilia extractunclassified drugvalerianVerbena officinalis extractViscum album extract EMTREE medical terms: anticonvulsant activityarticledrug effectepilepsyethnic groupgentiana luteahealinghistoryhumanHypericum perforatumItalymagicMatricariamedicinal plantMelissa officinalisnonhumanPaeoniaPapaver somniferumphysicianrosemaryRutaceaespiritual healingTiliatraditional medicineValeriana officinalisverbena officinalisViscum album MeSH: AnimalsAnticonvulsantsEpilepsyHistory, 19th CenturyHistory, 20th CenturyHumansItalyPhytotherapyPlants, MedicinalReligionSuperstitions Species Index: Animalia Chemicals and CAS Registry Numbers: Viscum album extract, 53986-31-5, 75882-01-8, 8031-76-3; valerian, 8057-49-6; Anticonvulsants ISSN: 03788741 CODEN: JOETD Source Type: Journal Original language: English DOI: 10.1016/j.jep.2012.11.043 PubMed ID: 23220196 Document Type: Article References (59) View in search results format 1 Aceto, M.D., Harris, L.S., Abood, M.E., Rice, K.C. 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