Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Thank you good people at Horseshoe Bay terminal

Some good people helped me with my heavy bags today. They didn't need to know me in advance or receive favours from me, and I did not have to offer to pay them [handsome is as handsome does]. I managed the bags OK until the biggest one got stuck in Compass Barriers at Vancouver city centre. The handle bent and it was broken by the time I got off the bus at Horseshoe Bay. But a man with a bike carried them into the terminal and a woman who had just come in to the terminal [going to Langdale] pulled one down the mile of corridor in the terminal. Ferry staff pulled them in turns from one end of the boat to the next and another passenger helped me carry them off. Of course when I unpacked them seeking the source of the weight - one item was my jewelry making case- something I can't leave behind.