Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Murdoch Mysteries writers think mixing races is cause for murder

After watching episode 162 'Mary Wept' written by Noelle Girard I decided to write down all of the episodes in which a racially mixed relationship results in murder. In 'Mary Wept' a Catholic priest had sexual encounter (s) with his black housekeeper. The resulting baby (died? murdered?) was improperly buried. The priest eventually kills his housekeeper. Episode 127. "Colour blinded". Written by Mary Pedersen. White husband kills the white father of his wife who was passing for white. Episode 122 "Pipe Dreamzz" written by Michelle Ricci. Father accidentally kills his son white trying to kill his Prof. The son was having an affair with the Prof's Chinese wife. Episode 88. "Murdoch in Ragtime" Written by Carol Hay. Murder in a ragtime group precipitated by the discovery that one of the band members had a child with a white woman. Episode 57. "Murdoch at the Opera". Written by Carol Hay. Black opera star kills her young white rival. Episode 30. "The Curse of Beaton Manor". 5 writers and developers. Mixed race son "kills" 2 brothers, reunites with white former girlfriend married to 3rd brother who is "killed" by voodoo. Episode 28. "The Great Wall". Alexandra Zarowny. White cop kills his friend in a fight over his rape of an underaged Chinese girl. There is one more show that I cannot find on Wikipedia. A white man kills a female friend who discovered his First Nations wife and their children. James Douglas, the first governor of BC married a Metis/Cree woman in 1828. If the Murdoch Mysteries writers do not think that James Douglas was white enough to serve as an example (he had a West Indian mother), his father-in-law was an anglo-Canadian from Quebec. In 2014 a black stranger called out to me on the street in T&T that I should not be stuck up because I was the product of rape. I did not answer. It was not his business that most of my ancestors were married. I do not think one great-grandfather was married to my great-grandmother. But they had enough children to make me think that it was a long lasting union.