Thursday, 11 January 2018

recent PhDs in the fields of philosophy of science

Dear Colleagues, Do you know any excellent recent PhDs in the fields of philosophy of science (including formal epistemology) or the philosophy of social science (including the philosophy of gender and the philosophy of race very broadly construed)? There are two postdoc positions available on an European Research Council project at Cambridge, and we are looking to recruit excellent candidates from the above fields. (We don't expect that the successful candidates' past research will have been precisely on the theme of the project, which is qualitative versus quantitative evidence in the social sciences. What we are mainly looking for is evidence of excellent philosophical skills, and a credible and interesting research proposal that speaks to the themes of the project.) These are full-time research, faculty-level positions, each lasting over three years, with the positions beginning this July or September 2018. The positions are also suitable for PhD candidates who will have submitted their dissertation by September 2018. Please encourage any such candidates to check out further details here: There is also a 4 year fellowship attached to the project to fully fund a PhD student from the beginning to the end of their PhD studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam, which is also hosting this grant. The PhD student will work on a topic in the philosophy of social sciences relating to the distinction between qualitative and quantitative evidence. Further details here: Many thanks, Anna Alexandrova Anna Alexandrova Cambridge HPS and King's College