Sunday, 29 July 2018

ISE 2018 Final Program

The final conference program for ISE 2018 is now available on the conference webpage under “Program” tab and at the following direct links: [Organized Sessions] [Thematic Sessions composed of individually volunteered papers] [Poster Sessions] [Panel Discussions] [List of Presenters] [Book Launches] Scheduling for each individual abstract approved for ISE 2018 Belem +30 is also available through the online platform (for those who have registered) using the link Sign in to your profile, open the "Abstract” area and then click on the small calendar icon beside each abstract submitted to view the date, time, and room for all submissions. See you all in Belém! —— Glenn H. Shepard Jr. email: Organizing committee for "Belém +30" XVI Congress of the International Society of Ethnobiology ISE 2018 secretariat: Instituto Amazônico de Agriculturas Familiares/ INEAF – UFPA Universidade Federal do Pará – Campus Básico. Rua Augusto Correa, nº 01 – Guamá. CEP: 66075-110. Belém, Pará Tel: (91) 3201-7913; email: