Sunday, 30 October 2016

Hypatia grants

Diversity Project Grants

Individuals or groups may request up to $5000 to support projects that serve an underrepresented group (or groups) in philosophy and/or otherwise promote the diversity within the discipline.  Priority will be given to projects that fall within the field of feminist philosophy understood in its most expansive sense.  HypatiaDiversity Grants may support workshops to increase the participation of underrepresented groups in philosophy, conferences for the dissemination of diverse philosophical perspectives, and innovative projects that further expand the borders of philosophy as a field in the humanities and as a profession. Hypatia does not support competing publications of journals or books in feminist philosophy. 
Please submit proposals as a single PDF file, no more than 5 pages in length. Proposals should contain the following:
  • Project Name
  • Primary contact person and all contact information
  • Complete description of the project
  • Specific aims or objectives of project
  • Population served and outreach efforts, including website development or other social media participation
  • Complete project budget with specific indication for the funding sought through Hypatia
  • Purpose and amount requested from Hypatia
  • Other funding sources, if any
  • Description of accessibility initiatives (to ensure that the project will be accessible to persons with disabilities
  • Evaluation and assessment plan
Proposals should be submitted to no later than June 1 of each year.   Proposals will be reviewed by the Hypatia Diversity Individual and Project Grants selection committee and decisions will be announced by Mid-July. 
 Recipients of Hypatia Diversity Project Grants are asked to include an acknowledgement of Hypatia support in official programs and website publicity about the conference, workshop, or project.  Recipients must submit a report by August 1 of the year following their successful grant application.  Reports should explain or describe the current state of the project and how the Hypatia Diversity Project Grant was used.  Reports should be prepared suitable for public review.  In addition, assessment and evaluation materials from project participants should be included as an appendix that will not be made public unless requested by the project organizers. 

Diversity In Feminist Philosophy Individual Grants

Hypatia is committed to supporting both scholarship on diversity issues in feminist philosophy as well as scholars from groups traditionally underrepresented within the profession of philosophy.
Early and midcareer scholars (graduate students, itinerate or non-tenure track professors, assistant and associate professors with limited travel budgets, and unaffiliated scholars) may request up to $500 to support conference travel, research and teaching development, and workshop participation.  Hypatia does not support subvention funds for publications outside of the Journal itself. 
Please submit proposals as a single PDF file, no more than 3 pages in length. Proposals should contain the following: 
  • Individual's name, affiliation, rank or status
  • Description of the project to be funded (e.g., name of conference and short abstract of paper to be presented)
  • Brief description of the project's contribution to diversity issues in feminist philosophy OR brief description of how the project will contribute to the indivudal's professional development (e.g., specific details regarding conference, research, or teaching development, or workshop participation) and contribute to the diversification of the profession
  • Specific dates or timeline
  • Budget or proposed use of funds (and, if applicant is an associate professor, expression of need)
  • If seeking less than $500, please specify total amount requested
  • Additional funding sources, if any
Proposals should be submitted to  Proposals are considered bi-annually and applications accepted in advance of the June 1 and January 1 deadlines.  Proposals will be reviewed by the Hypatia Diversity Individual and Project Grant selection committee and decisions announced within six weeks of the deadline. 
Award recipients are asked to include an acknowledgment of Hypatia support in any publication that results from the funded proposal.  Recipients must submit a report by August 1 of the following year explaining or describing the current state of the proposal and how the Hypatia Diversity Individual Grant Funds were used.  These reports should be prepared for public review. 
 Up to $2000 will be distributed through the Hypatia Individual Grant Fund annually.