Sunday, 30 October 2016

Rise UP! A Digital Feminist Archive of the Canadian women's movement has launched - just in time to mark Women's History Month!

For an overview of Rise UP! Go to

Rise UP! aims to capture the diversity, vibrancy, and radical legacy of feminist activism in Canada and Québec from the 1970s to the 1990s and make it widely available to activists, students and researchers. Please visit <>.

The archive celebrates, documents and recuperates the achievements, initiatives and struggles of the Canadian women's movement. It aims to foster research, promote inter-generational conversations, and inspire radical activism. The publications link includes searchable copies of almost fifty publications, many of which are introduced by the original editors. Timeline highlights significant moments, contributions, and turning points of this era. Activism features key issues and organizations. Click on culture to find music, films, buttons and posters. Teaching resources offers support for using the archive in classrooms.

There is still much to do and many voices missing or incomplete. We will keep adding content to the site, but to continue this work, we need your help!

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The site has been made possible with the support and assistance of women's organizations, feminists across the country, and students working on the project. Thank you all!

In sisterhood,
Linda Briskin for The Rise UP! Collective