Friday, 1 June 2018

International Society of Ethnobiology - new Board of Directors

Dear International Society of Ethnobiology (ISE) Membership, As we approach the 30th Anniversary for the formation of the ISE, in Belem, Para, Brazil, we look to turn our collective thoughts to the new Board of Directors. Every two years, members of the ISE are invited to nominate candidates for the Board of the ISE. Ideally, the ISE Board is comprised of individuals who span a wide age range, are from a diversity of backgrounds, and have varied personal and professional experiences. Board members need to be genuinely interested in the well-being of the ISE community, have a demonstrated commitment and responsibility in their personal and/or professional lives commensurate with being a Board member of an organization with charitable tax status, and embrace a consensus approach to decision-making. Specialized leadership and skills (or an aptitude for such) in the areas of communications, fundraising and financial management are an asset. We encourage nominations from all parts of the world and from women and men associated with ethnobiology and biocultural diversity in diverse ways. All members of the Board commit, as volunteers, and without remuneration, to a strong consultative role in shaping the direction and continued success of the ISE in its commitment to achieving a greater understanding of the complex relationships that exist within and between human societies and their environment Open Positions According to Article 9 of the ISE constitution, the Board should consist of the following and, thus, the ISE invites nominations for: (A) President-elect (Vice President for 2 years, then President for 2 years) (B) Secretary (4 year term) (C) Treasurer(4 year term) (D) 6 Regional Representatives (2 year terms), one from each major region (Africa, Central and South America and the Caribbean, North America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania and Pacific Islands) (E) 2 student representatives (F) 2 co-directors of the Global Coalition for Biocultural Diversity (G) 2 co-chairs of the ISE Ethics Program (H) 2 co-chairs of the ISE Darrell Posey Fellowship Program Note that while nominations are open for the positions E-H, these are non-voting ex officio board positions appointed by the outgoing Board and not open to vote by membership. You may nominate yourself or someone else who you are familiar with, as long as that person accepts the nomination in writing. The nomination should include approximately 250 words outlining specifically how the candidate fulfills the requirements for the Board position, his/her intentions and vision for ISE development over the next 2 years, and any other information that the voting membership should know about the candidate. A photograph and a short biography or curriculum vitae are not required but may be included as supporting materials if you wish. These materials will be published on the ISE website so that members may familiarize themselves with the candidates; these materials will also be linked to the electronic ballots so that members may review them while voting. Please send email nominations to To qualify for nomination, all candidates must be members in good standing. For the positions of President, President-elect, Secretary, and Treasurer, candidates must have attended two prior ISE biennial Congresses; candidates for Regional Representatives and Student Representatives must have attended one prior ISE biennial Congress. Expectations of ISE Board Members The ISE is unique in that, in addition to being a member-run Society, it maintains three distinct programs: the Global Coalition, the Ethics Program, and the Darrell Posey Fellowship for Ethnoecology and Resource Rights. Additionally, biennial congresses are organized to provide a time and place to formally gather our diverse membership for ethnobiology exchanges and to conduct Society business. Because of the programs and congresses, the work of the ISE Board spans a wide array of activities. Incoming Board members are expected to learn about ISE business and core initiatives and to respect and build on the direction and decisions of Boards that came before them. Prospective candidates should familiarize themselves with the detailed duties of each position and assess whether or not they have the time and skills to carry them out. In addition to their specific duties, Board members will have both the privilege and the commitment of guiding the ISE through an ongoing process of institutional self-assessment and development, and will need to be in regular email or telephone contact with one another and the ISE Coordinator. A minimum estimated time commitment is 4-8 hours per month for President, President-elect, Secretary, and Treasurer; and 2 hours per month for Regional Representatives and Student Representatives. We look forward to receiving your nominations. Warm regards, Verna Miller (Pepeyla) President ISE