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Born on August 29
1632   John Locke, philosopher of liberalism whose ideas influenced the American founding fathers, famous for his treatise An Essay Concerning Human Understanding.
1809   Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., poet, essayist and father of Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
1898   Preston Sturges, screenwiter, film director and playwright.
1915   Ingrid Bergman, Oscar winning actress famous whose films include Casablanca and Anastasia.
1920   Charlie "Bird" Parker, self-taught jazz saxophonist, pioneer of the new "cool" movement.
1923   Richard Attenborough, actor, (The Great Escape, Jurassic Park) Academy Award–winning director and producer (Gandhi)
1924   Dinah Washington, singer known in the 50s as "Queen of the Harlem Blues.".
1925   Donald O’Connor, dancer, actor (Singing in the Rain).
1927   Marion Williams, gospel singer.
1931   Lise Payette, Quebec politician, writer and columnist.
1933   Jehan Sadat, First Lady of Egypt (1970–1981); widow of Anwar Sadat.
1935   William Friedkin, director, producer, writer (The Exorcist, The French Connection).
1936   Future Republican US presidential nominee (2008) John McCain.
1938   Elliott Gould, actor (M*A*S*H, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice).
1940   James Brady, press secretary who was severely wounded during John Hinckley Jr.’s attempt to assassinate US President Ronald Reagan.
1941   Robin Leach, TV host (Life Styles of the Rich and Famous).
1943   Richard Halligan, vocalist with band Blood Sweat & Tears.
1952   Karen Hesse, Newbery Medal–winning author of children’s literature (Out of the Dust).
1958   Michael Jackson, pop singer, entertainer.