Wednesday, 30 September 2015

new MA Graduate Program in Gender and Social Justice Studies University of Alberta

Graduate Program

The Department of Women’s and Gender Studies is pleased to announce their new 

MA Graduate Program in Gender and Social Justice Studies.

The M.A. program in Gender and Social Justice offers graduate training to students who aim to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to produce independent scholarly analysis, research, and action aimed at social justice and the reduction of social inequalities. Foundational to the program is a commitment to intersectional analysis, according to which gender is a central, but not the only, axis along which in/equality is structured, and interdisciplinary approaches to political, aesthetic, and ethical questions concerning social injustice, both globally and locally.
Professors in the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies work on a wide variety of feminist research projects and hold research expertise in gender and international development, sexuality and queer studies, critical animal and food studies, feminist religious studies, feminist cultural production, trauma and cultural memory, and more. Additionally, the undergraduate and graduate programs are linked to a vibrant community of disciplinary based scholars with research interests and expertise in feminist, gender, and sexuality studies.
The MA Program in Gender and Social Justice is a 12 month program in which students participate in Praxis and Research seminars, complete elective courses in WGS, and produce a portfolio structured around each student’s unique professional and scholarly goals.
Special note: The MA program in Gender and Social Justice will admit its first students in 2016. Students considering application will be considered for limited and competitive funding, but are strongly urged to seek outside funding. For more information about applying to graduate school and applying for funding, follow this link.

 Application deadline for September 2016 admission: January 15, 2016. 

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