Monday, 22 February 2016

Hypatia Call for Musings

 Call for Musings
Hypatia seeks contributions for a series of Musings on “Scrutinizing Practices: Giving and Receiving Criticism.”  Feminist philosophers have made tremendous strides in transforming the profession, but there is more work to be done, including work that challenges our practices of reviewing each other’s scholarship. Possible topics include but are not limited to:
·         The politics of critique in the context of a discipline in which mainstream practice is characterized by the exclusion of perspectives from women, people of color, Indigenous peoples, and other historically marginalized groups.
·         Scrutinizing practices: reviewing scholarship in critical race theory, feminist philosophy and other marginalized fields in an environment that is still hostile to these fields.
·         Explorations of the ways in which  practices of criticism can function to police the borders of what counts as philosophical and/or proposals for how they could be transformed so that the discipline can become more diverse and genuinely inclusive.
·         Explorations of the affective politics of reviewing. How, as reviewers, do we negotiate the affective landscape of giving criticism, including as it relates to norms of professionalism and civility, to intergenerational dynamics, and to differences in disciplinary status? How do we negotiate the affective landscape of receiving criticism and how do we teach our students how to do this while maintaining self-trust?
·         The role of scholarship review in the profession (e.g., in tenure and promotion files, in book marketing, in expanding the boundaries of philosophy, etc.).
·         Reviewing scholarship within/across/between diverse methodologies in philosophical discourse.
·         The politics of what scholarship is selected for review.
·         Best practices in editorial review.
·         The complex and perhaps contradictory set of obligations (to authors, readers, journals, presses, the profession, the reviewer’s career, etc.) that manuscript and book reviewers face.
·         Questioning best practices: the role of anonymity in the review process.

By focusing on the topic of giving and receiving criticism, this series of Musings aims to provide a forum for discussion about the broader issues of inclusiveness, access, respect, and philosophical pluralism within the profession generally and feminist philosophy specifically. 
Musings are approximately 3000 words and are subject to anonymous peer review.  Please submit via Manuscript Central (  Although we will accept submissions on a rolling basis, for the purposes of this series, please submit by March 31.