Saturday, 27 August 2016

Even Roger Federer Gets Old

I wonder if Federer can adjust. I think another person would have played Winbledon with a taped knee, I assume that is allowed. Raonic is the one who played as if he had an injury - he hit the ball away from his opponent, almost every time, at least that is what I saw in the few minutes that I could stand to watch. An ugly way of playing from the spectators viewpoint.  And Federer should not  have fallen because he should have won the previous set.

A future should be full of shorter sets in my opinion, 3 not 5. And Federer's twitter feed - does he think that we don't have more in common with his knee injury than his tennis skills and would not be interested in details of his recovery? Not to see him make impossible jumps, but real details.

Federer's Facebook page (which I have only glanced at once) is full of product placements, but none for injury support that I noticed.