Friday, 19 August 2016

no blogging from borrowed computer

I won't be blogging from this computer because of what happened yesterday. Yesterday I had uninterrupted access to Scopus on this computer. I picked a fly repelling bouquet and did not lose access, I canned apricot jam and did not lose access. The internet came and went about 4 times and I did not lose access. I got about three times as much work done as on my own computer. On my own computer I cannot leave Scopus for a second without losing access. Then I have to clean my cookies to get it back. Sometimes I have to use CCleaner and then restart my computer to get access. Sometimes I have to use another website when I go back on.

A couple of years ago I decided dealing with the New York Times cookies was not worth it. Now I probably will not put posts on my blog from Science Direct and Scopus when I get my computer back. Sorry if that is want you were logging on to see. Most of the times that I put up whole articles, they were open access. A few were so interesting I put them up even though they weren't open access. A few that I put up were from the Caribbean where the media and the universities don't keep the public informed. Well it has been years since a Cuban asked me for an article and the rest of the Caribbean will have to ask someone else to "ratch" access to articles for them.

I will ask the technicians if my web extensions or these Elsevier cookies or a software compatibility problem is causing my computer problems so that I will know what to do in future.