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Chapter 1.2 – Social Aspects of Wearability and Interaction

Wearable Sensors
Fundamentals, Implementation and Applications
2014, Pages 25–43

Chapter 1.2 – Social Aspects of Wearability and Interaction

This chapter addresses the influence of a wearable system on the wearer’s emotional and social comfort: the “social wearability” of the system. Social wearability influences system performance and user decisions to adopt or reject a wearable system in much the same way as other aspects of wearability like physical comfort or usability. In this chapter, the influence of aesthetics and gestural interactions on the social wearability of a system is explored. Socio-cultural influences on social wearability are also discussed.


  • Wearability; 
  • wearable technology; 
  • aesthetics; 
  • ergonomics; 
  • socio-cultural aspects of dress; 
  • adoption of innovation