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Men's Groups: Challenging Feminism / Groupes masculinistes : défier le féminisme

Canadian Journal of Women and the Law/Revue Femmes et Droit

Volume 28, Issue 1, April 2016

This special issue of the Canadian Journal of Women and the Law (28.1, 2016)
addresses a modern source of resistance to feminism: groups acting in the
name of men’s and fathers’ rights and interests. These groups argue that men
are discriminated against in relation to law (especially family law and laws
on violence against women), education, and government funding. The
international and interdisciplinary array of authors featured in this issue
address two main questions: (1) how men’s group actions in different
countries and at the international level engage with, and discursively
construct, feminism and (2) lessons for the feminist movement, nationally
and globally; historically and currently, from the growing legitimacy of
men’s groups.


Men's Groups: Challenging Feminism

Boyd Susan B. and Elizabeth Sheehy

Groupes masculinistes : défier le féminisme

Susan B Boyd and Elizabeth Sheehy


Conceptualizing Backlash: (UK) Men's Rights Groups, Anti-Feminism, and

Ana Jordan

Looking through Misogyny: Indian Men's Rights Activists, Law, and Challenges
for Feminism

Srimati Basu

Men's Rights or Men's Needs? Anti-Feminism in Australian Men's Health

Michael Salter

Divorced Israeli Men's Abuse of Transnational Human Rights Law

Daphna Hacker

The Chorus of Formal Equality: Feminist Custody Law Reform and Fathers'
Rights Advocacy in Taiwan

Chao-ju Chen

Fathers' Rights in Swedish Family Law Reform: Taking Account of Fathers'
Violence against Mothers

Monica Burman

Backlash Goes Global: Men's Groups, Patriarchal Family Policy, and the False
Promise of Gender-Neutral Laws

Ruth Halperin-Kaddari and Marsha A. Freeman

Domestic Violence on #qanda: The “Man” Question in Live Twitter Discussion
on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Q&A

Molly Dragiewicz and Jean Burgess

Case Commentary: R. v Walsh and the “Myth” of Marital Rape

Mohammad Vayeghan


The Trouble with Marriage: Feminists Confront Law and Violence in India by
Srimati Basu

Susan B. Boyd


Submission Information

The CJWL/RFD is Canada's oldest feminist legal periodical. Since it began in
1985, the journal has provided a forum in which feminist writers from
diverse backgrounds, speaking from a wide range of experience, can exchange
ideas and information about legal issues that affect women. We are looking
to build on this tradition and remain committed to reflecting a diversity of
political, social, cultural, and economic thinking, unified by a shared
interest in law reform.

We invite submissions from people who are engaged in feminist analysis of
socio-legal issues that reflect a range of approaches, including
multidisciplinary, action-focused, theoretical, and historical, and that
reflect linguistic and regional differences in Canada. We particularly
encourage submissions authored by women from different backgrounds,
disciplines and jurisdictions who are doing new feminist work.

The CJWL/RFD is seeking papers for publication in the following sections of
the CJWL/RFD: articles, review essays, commentaries, case comments, research
notes, book reviews, and notes on Canadian and International events of
interest to our readers. Comments on previously published materials are also
welcome. The journal is a refereed publication.

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