Friday, 29 April 2016

The Quality Perception of Fresh Berries: An Empirical Survey in the German Market

Volume 8, 2016, Pages 566–575
Florence “Sustainability of Well-Being International Forum”. 2015: Food for Sustainability and not just food, FlorenceSWIF2015
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The present work aimed to investigate the main quality attributes that influence the purchase decisions of fresh berries. To this regard, an empirical survey has been conducted by interviewing 200 consumers of fresh berries at the exit of the main centers of the large scale retail trade in the city of Munich (Germany). An econometric model has been adopted to examine the relationship that single attributes has on the purchase frequency of fresh berries. Results showed that nutraceutical properties and health benefits of berries have a strong appeal to the consumers and confirmed that intrinsic attributes are determinants of consumer purchase decision


  • quality perception;
  • fresh berries;
  • food quality;
  • consumer shopping behavior;
  • german market