Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Riva's remedies - winter laminitis

                          Winter Laminitis
At this time of year we receive many inquiries about winter laminitis. But "winter" laminitis is a misnomer because laminitis never comes on overnight. All laminitis cases are in the developmental stage for many weeks before they actually get sore. And even though our winter horses are not on sugar-rich grass I still see many of the same problems as horses with summer pasture laminitis: unbalanced hooves and/or poor trimming practices, high sugar feed such as grain or commercial feeds, high sugar hay, weight gain, insulin resistance and/or leaky gut. Insulin resistance and leaky gut - especially when accompanied by poor hoof confirmation - are the most common causes of laminitis, no matter what the season is. For the full article and information on successful laminitic programs: 
Leo's Leg Bump

Leo bashed his hind leg on the fence on January 02nd resulting in a big warm-to-the-touch bump. Bettina massaged it with Riva's Arnica Rub twice daily and the swelling was down within a couple of days. And, within two weeks it was completely gone! Thank you for sharing Bettina! 

As our customers would say:
"It's an amazing product!"
"I have used Riva's Arnica Rub on horses as well as myself. In my opinion it's the best Arnica I have come across".
Feed Cranberries to Horses

I'm always looking for new foods that horses might like to provide them  with variety and extra nutrition. Turns out that raw organic cranberries are the new fave around here - they gobble them right up even with the tart taste. Cranberries are rich in manganese, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, fibre and anti-oxidants. They are a natural anti-inflammatory and antibiotic, and are beneficial for the immune system and heart. Just add 1/4 cup to their breakfast.   
Horses Love Berries! 
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