Sunday, 31 May 2015

6 hours installing MS Office 2016 preview because of the stickiness of the older software

So my Microsoft Office trial expired after a month and Microsoft is not releasing Build 10130 or Build 10122 to us plebs in the "Slow Ring". I found a trial of  Office 2016 Preview 32 bit on an official Microsoft page but it would not load on my computer because of the 64 bit trial version on my computer which refused to let itself be uninstalled. I ended up removing most of the folders manually and even some of those needed to have files in the subfolders removed before they would allow themselves to be deleted. Then I found a version of Office 2016 Preview 64 bit on a blog and a Microsoft page on how to remove corrupted Microsoft Office 2013 from the registry. The best part of all is that I  have 179 days left to use the new Office which is looking good.