Friday, 29 May 2015

Chapter 23 – Herbal Supplements in Pregnancy: Effects on Conceptions and Delivery

Handbook of FertilityNutrition, Diet, Lifestyle and Reproductive Health
2015, Pages 253–260

Chapter 23 – Herbal Supplements in Pregnancy: Effects on Conceptions and Delivery


Before and during pregnancy, women are apprehensive about the potential toxicity of conventional medicines, so they use herbal remedies (HR) to complement or to replace them, although much current practice is not evidence-based. The current stage of knowledge is still inadequate to sufficiently inform clinicians, researchers, and the public about the benefits or potential risks of the use of HR for female infertility treatments. The extent of herbal remedies use in pregnancy has been widely researched throughout the world. Epidemiological studies reported a wide range of use of herbal remedies in pregnancy. Too few studies have been devoted to safety and efficacy of singular herbs. With the exception of ginger, there are no consistent data to support the use of any other herbal supplement during pregnancy.


  • fertility;
  • herbal remedies;
  • herbal supplements;
  • pregnancy;
  • traditional medicines