Saturday, 30 May 2015

Cellulosic/wool pigment prints with remarkable antibacterial functionalities

Volume 115, 22 January 2015, Pages 559–567

Cellulosic/wool pigment prints with remarkable antibacterial functionalities


XAN and GMC favored DODAB adsorption at the liquid/air interface.
DODAB-XAN aggregates increased with increasing DODAB concentration.
DODAB-GMC aggregates remained equal sized with increasing DODAB concentration.


Several bio-active agents namely choline chloride, triclosan derivative, PEG-600 and 4-hydroxybenzophenone were successfully included into solvent-free pigment formulations, in a single-stage process, followed by screen printing and microwave-fixation to obtain antibacterial functionalized cellulosic/wool pigment prints. Results obtained signify that both the improvement in functionalization and coloration properties are governed by type of antibacterial agent, kind of substrate as well as pigment colorant. The imparted antibacterial activity of the loaded bio-active agents follows the decreasing order: G+ve (Staphylococcus aureus) > G−ve (Escherichia coli), keeping other parameters constant. The imparted functional and coloration properties showed no significant decrease even after 15 washings. Mode of interactions among the nominated substrates, the pigment paste constituents and the bioactive agents were also proposed.


  • Cellulose/wool blend;
  • Solvent-free;
  • Pigment printing;
  • Single-stage process;
  • Antibacterial finish

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