Monday, 27 April 2015

Feminist Studies call for papers Feminist Friendships

Call for Papers

Feminist Studies welcomes submissions on all topics. In addition, Feminist Studies welcomes contributions on the following topics that we expect to produce special issues on over the next few years:

Feminist Friendships
What does the turn to affect in cultural studies mean for affection and disaffection? How are friendships sustained in contexts that individuate and isolate? How have feminist friendships changed, or not changed, since the era of commitments to sisterhood, an ethic of care, and the lesbian continuum? Do we need to revise theory and scholarship on friendship? How do feminist and/or women's friendships operate in global, multi-ethnic, activist, and other contexts?
All fields and genres welcome within our page limits: we publish research papers, creative writing, commentaries, and art. Style and submission criteria can be found on our website guidelines at Please send any queries to the Editorial Director of Feminist Studies, Dr. Ashwini Tambe at
Submission deadline: August 1, 2015