Thursday, 30 April 2015

Windows 10 Home Insider Preview 10074

Around 10 am this morning I decided to upgrade to the new Build 10074 because the technicians claimed that they had missed the audio fix by one day. It downloaded in 25 minutes but it did not install until 20.40. This is supposed to be an update not a full install.  I have a 2014 budget computer that is not that great but it is not so bad that an install should take that long. Also it has 326 free GB out of 457. I haven't heard any sounds yet but since I did not delete the Korea Media Player Centre like I did for the first build I will figure out the sound issue tomorrow. This new build is midnight blue instead of Kermit green but either colour is fine. It also loaded Chrome before Firefox and  Internet Explorer also loaded (which I never use).