Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Women's Debate Institute wants your votes for a fundraiser

Greetings Feminist Epistemologies, Metaphysics, Methodologies, and Science,

have a long history of teaching argumentation from a feminist
Given my commitment to teach argument, I work with a
non-profit group: the
Women's Debate Institute, a robust community
dedicated to the education of
young women. Each summer we host a FREE
national institute for high school and
collegiate debaters. Our five day
debate camp increases the number of girls
involved in debate, teaches
women to advocate for a more inclusive debate
community, and helps
students navigate a healthy transition to college.  For
more on the WDI,

The WDI is involved
in a fundraiser where we are in competition for a
$10,000 grant.  All I am
asking for is for you to vote and to share the
link on your social media

We have until April 30 to get the most votes!

Please click here and
vote for us:

All you have
to do is enter your email address - it's so they can count
votes - you'll get
no spam! You can vote up to four times if you FB,
tweet, and email (note: you
don't actually have to *send* the email...).

Thanks so much for considering
this request from a fellow feminist scholar.

Cate Palczewski, PhD
of Northern Iowa
past co-editor of _Argumentation and Adovcacy_
past director
of the Alta Argumentation Conference