Friday, 29 January 2016

CFC: "500 Years of Florida History: The Nineteenth Century: 1870-1920" Call for Contributors

Special Issue - "500 Years of Florida History: The Nineteenth Century: 1870-1920"
Guest Editor, John David Smith
The Florida Historical Quarterly
The Florida Historical Quarterly requests article submissions for possible inclusion in a Special Issue of the journal titled "500 Years of Florida History: 1870-1920," guest edited by John David Smith. This issue is scheduled to be published in 2016.
Professor Smith and the staff of the FHQ seek submissions dealing with any genre of Florida history centering on the years between 1870 and 1920. See for information on manuscript preparation.
All manuscripts should be submitted by 3-1-16.
Submissions should include:
• A 250-500 word abstract
• A brief curriculum vitae (2 pages)
• Full contact information including mail, email, and phone/fax numbers.
Authors of accepted manuscripts will be notified by 6-1-15.
Please send submissions and requests for additional information to Professor Smith at
Special Issue Information: The quincentennial of Ponce de Leon’s first visit to Florida (1513) provides a timely opportunity for re-assessing the region’s history and historiography. As the 21st century begins, both the academic community and general public should benefit from a concentrated, chronologically organized analysis of Florida’s past, the scholarship that has interpreted it over the years, and the meanings and implications of both to modern Floridians.
In order to create and publicize these assessments, the FHQ will continue to publish a series of six Special Issues, each devoted to examining Florida over the previous five centuries. Beginning in 2013, a Special Issue will be published each consecutive year (two in 2016) that provides an overview of current interpretations and evaluation of historiographic trends relevant to the period being covered.

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