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Understanding the selection processes of public research projects in agriculture: The role of scientific merit

Volume 56, October 01, 2015, Article number 1316, Pages 87-99


a  Wageningen University, Agricultural Economics and Rural Policy Group, Hollandseweg 1, KN Wageningen, Netherlands
b  Wageningen University, Management Studies Group, Hollandseweg 1, KN Wageningen, Netherlands
c  University of Bath, School of Management, Building 8 West, Quarry Road, Bath, Bath and North East Somerset, United Kingdom 


This paper analyses factors that affect the funding of agricultural research projects by regional governments and other regional public authorities. We study the selection process of agricultural research projects funded by the Emilia Romagna regional government in Italy, which follows funding procedures similar to many other European regional public authorities. Leveraging a unique dataset, a Heckman selection model demonstrates that the scientific merit of proposed projects is the primary selection criterion. Still, factors such as the experience of the proposal's reviewers and the gender composition of the reviewing team also influence whether or not a submitted proposal receives funding as well as the amount allocated to the proposal. © 2015 Published by Elsevier Ltd.

Author keywords

Agriculture; Italy; Peer-review; Research projects; Selection biases

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GEOBASE Subject Index: agricultural research; development project; gender; government
Regional Index: Emilia-Romagna; Italy
Species Index: Emilia