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Niccolò (or Nicolò) Paganini (27 October 1782 – 27 May 1840) was an Italian violinist, violist, guitarist, and composer.

Volume 86, Issue 1, 2015, Pages 27-31

Niccolò Paganini: The hands of a genius  (Article)

Department of Surgical Sciences, Orthopaedic Unit, University of Parma, Parma, Italy
1st Service of Anesthesia and Intensive Care, Parma, Italy
Studio Terapico Kaiser, Parma, Italy


Niccolò Paganini was a man stricken by many diseases and according to Myron Schonenfield and Renzo Mantero, he may have also suffered from Marfan Syndrome. The following paper is based on actual physical examinations reports made by his contemporary physicians, documented in personal letters In addition, the current investigation presents a comparison between a post-mortem mold of Paganini’s right hand and several paintings of the Maestro drawn by Lyser, his personal portraitist, and the images of the hand of a well-known musician affected by Marfan Syndrome which was treated by the authors. © Mattioli 1885.

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Hand; Historical; Marfan’s; Paganini; Violinist

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EMTREE medical terms: aneurysm; Article; autopsy; human; Marfan syndrome; medical society; musician; valvular heart disease