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Comment intégrer l'acupuncture à sa pratique quotidienne?

Volume 45, Issue 349, 1 October 2014, Pages 30-35

How to integrate acupuncture into daily practice?  (Article)


Clinique Vétérinaire, 167, avenue Nationale, Arnage, France


Acupuncture is an ancient discipline practiced in Asian medicine. It is based on data from a traditional concept of the individual, but that modem science has been able to explain and integrate. The insertion of a needle on a specific point causes a reaction (an inflammatory type, for example) that spreads to the brain via nerves and interacts with the various systems of the body by direction control. The effectiveness of acupuncture is now established by evidence, which should encourage veterinarians to incorporate it into their daily practice. The benefit/risk ratio is very high. Training courses are available and the areas of application are extensive. Current thinking and client demand are consistent with the use of this alternative medicine. Scientific assessments are ongoing. It is a promising future technique.

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Acupuncture; Alternative medicine; Clientele; Needle; Training
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  Zeppa, P.; Clinique Vétérinaire, 167, avenue Nationale, France
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