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Seasonal dynamic of morpho-physiological properties and the lipid composition of Plantago media (Plantaginaceae) in the Middle Volga region

Volume 104, July 01, 2016, Pages 92-98


Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Ecology of the Volga River Basin, Russian Federation 


The changes in morpho-physiological properties and lipid composition have been studied in the leaves of theplant Plantago media collected from two different places in the Middle Volga region during the summer of 2010. The plants gathered from the first plot (P1 plants) grew on plain ground in the midst of typical meadow-steppe perennial plants. The plants of the second group (P2 plants) grew on a flat slope of the South-West exposition, in the grass community. The leaves of the plants P1 had lower specific area densities but larger areas and masses; they accumulated more levels lipid peroxide products. The changes in lipid compositions depended on the growth phase and habitats. Correlations between morpho-physiological parameters and certain lipids have been established. The amounts of galactolipids (GL) have been shown to correlate with the leaf areas. When the leaf areas were reduced, a ratio between phosphatidylcholines (PC) and phosphatidylethanolamines (PE) decreased. The result of our study showed that gradual changes of morphometrical parameters were accompanied by the alterations in biomass structure and modifications in lipids and fatty acids (FA). © 2016 Elsevier Masson SAS.

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Fatty acids; Lipid peroxide; Lipids; Morpho-physiological changes; Plantago media L
ISSN: 09819428 CODEN: PPBIESource Type: Journal Original language: English
DOI: 10.1016/j.plaphy.2016.03.025Document Type: Article
Publisher: Elsevier Masson SAS

  Bogdanova, E.; Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Ecology of the Volga River Basin, Russian Federation;
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