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Les Grecs de l'Extrêine-Orient hellénistique: Constituaient-ils une diaspora?

Volume 23-24, 2014, Pages 50-65

Did the Greeks of the Hellenistic East constitute a diaspora?  (Article)


a  Université Lille 3, France
b  UMR 8164 Halma-lpel, France 


After the conquests of Alexander the Great (336-323 BCE) and the Imposition of a Greco-Macedonian domination over the major part of the territories that spread to today's Pakistan, populations of Greek origin came to install themselves in the new cities created by Alexander and his successors, the Seleucid kings. The objective of this article is to show how the tools elaborated in the framework of studies on diasporas can help us to understand better the communities that these populations formed in Iran and in central Asia, the most eastern regions of Greek space and the least well documented because available sources are rare and very dispersed. A recent article by Stéphane Dufoix that explores the notion of diaspora and defines its possible significations furnishes the bases of a new discussion.
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  Martinez-Sève, L.; Université Lille 3, France
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