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Presencia en Google Scholar y en la WEB de la revista Cubana de plantas medicinales

Volume 20, Issue 1, 27 July 2015, Pages 1-13
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Google Scholar’s and WEB presence for the Cuban journal of medicinalplants  (Article)


a  Gerente de Proyectos de Research, Management and Learning (RML) Consultores, Quito, Ecuador
b  Centro de Estudios Martianos, La Habana, Cuba 


Introduction: Indicators and references related to a better positioning of the cuban scientific production in Google Scholar and in particular for the Cuban Journal of Medicinal Plants were conceptualized Objective: To analyze the Google Scholar`s and WEB´s presence of the Cuban Journal of Medicinal Plants and on the basis of these findings make recommendations to improve the visibility of the journal in Google Scholar Methods: To analyze the presence in Google Scholar Publish & Perish was used. A SEO analysis was conducted with Seo Quake. In order to perform specific searches on the entire analyzed collection a Google specialized search engine was prepared Results: The presence in Google Scholar of the Cuban Journal of Medicinal Plants throughout its history was characterized. The magazine has maintained an average of 93.5 citations per year and 2.79 citations per article. The data indicate that from 2010 a tendency to increase the number of items that are not mentioned is observed. The magazine is well positioned both in Google, Alexa and Bing although the number of external links is low. Conclusions: The results demonstrate the importance of establishing a SEO strategy to allows a better visibility that can increase the number of citations per article: Based on the results it can be concluded that no completion of the three standards relating to electronic journals identified by Latindex is not evident. © 2015, Editorial Ciencias Medicas. All rights reserved.

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Google Scholar; Medicinal plants; Publish & Perish; Search engine optimization

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EMTREE medical terms: Article; citation analysis; Internet; medicinal plant; publishing; scientific literature; search engine
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