Monday, 25 July 2016

CCWH-CCHF Re: Ursula Franklin

Dear CCWH Colleagues: 
I write briefly to mark the passing of feminist, scientist, and peace activist Ursula Franklin at the remarkable age of 94.  No doubt, many of you have heard the sad news.  This is not a formal tribute, and I know Ursula was not a CCWH or CHA member, but she was tremendously important and a friend and mentor to many Canadian feminist historians. I know friends and colleagues will remember her in ways both personal and formal, but I will simply recall here that we were honoured that Ursula agreed to let us honour her at the 2014 Berkshire Conference in Toronto.   When we first invited her, she wasn't sure she could. And then Paul Eprile (who was cataloging her library) and I had lunch with her at Christie Gardens, and, following a fascinating and animated conversation about feminist acts, big and small, she agreed to be interviewed by Ruby Heap for a Berks session.  And then, much to our delight, she agreed to join us. She was delighted to be there and people were thrilled to have her there.  With thanks, too, to Molly Ladd Taylor, Kate McPherson, Ruby Heap and other CCWH members who helped to ensure that Ursula could participate in the conference.  
Below are links to a few announcements. There is also an obituary in today's Globe and Mail.  
Franca Iacovetta