Thursday, 28 July 2016

updates to the ISE Code of Ethics (CoE),

Dear ISE members,

It is time for some updates to the ISE Code of Ethics (CoE), which was
ratified unanimously by ISE members at the 2006 Congress in Thailand.

Given widespread satisfaction with the existing CoE, and respecting that
the CoE has been translated into several languages, the proposed revisions
are minor and focused on updating and clarifying the existing text with
minimal change.

The proposed changes have been endorsed by the ISE Ethics Co-Chairs and
the 2014-16 ISE Board. The changes must be ratified by 2/3 of ISE members
before the new version will officially replace the 2006 version.

An online poll has been created to enable ISE members to review the
proposed changes and indicate a “yes” or “no” choice to ratify the new
version in full.

To review the proposed changes and participate in the ratification
process, please click on the following link. Please take a few moments now
to participate in this important process!


Comments can be directed to the Ethics Program Co-chairs at

Thank you for your participation!

Jessica Miller
Administrative Assistant
International Society of Ethnobiology
P.O. Box 303
Bristol, VT 05443, USA