Thursday, 28 July 2016

PDF position in the health innovation space

any leads on people looking for a PDF position in the health innovation space. I just got CIHR funding for a fairly substantial project on the “political economy of diagnostic innovation” - using scientometrics and comparative case studies to analyze changes in the socio-technical regime of diagnostic innovation, specifically vis molecular diagnostics in the context of screening and early diagnosis. The project is comparative - US, UK, Canada - with a UK-based co-PI and most of the scientometrics in the UK as well. We’re interested in looking at the research context, and the “developmental” role of the state, as well as the regulatory context, vis statutory regulation as well as Health Technology Assessment.

Since finding good people tends to work better by word of mouth, I thought I’d reach out. I attach a summary statement here - feel free to circulate.

thanks in advance for your help with this

Fiona A. Miller, PhD
Associate Professor of Health Policy
Institute of Health Policy, Management & Evaluation
Director, Division of Health Policy & Ethics, Toronto Health Economics and Technology Assessment (THETA) Collaborative
University of Toronto